Erin Baker, PhD





Erin has conducted research in the areas of education, mental health, motherhood, and homeschooling.


Erin has taught multiple levels of sociology courses to undergraduates.

Awards, Affliations & More

Erin has received awards for her teaching and her research.

Making The Familiar Strange Podcast

A sociology podcast for non-sociologists.

Every day, we move through the world impacted by the social structures we’ve created.

Sociologists use rigorous scientific research to examine how the social structures you interact with on a daily basis impact your life, possibly in ways you hadn’t thought of.

This is finding the strange in the familiar.

Every episode, Dr. Erin Baker and a co-host who isn’t in the field will be interviewing other sociologists about their work. Keep listening to learn how to Make the Familiar Strange.

Dr. Erin Baker delves into the topic of sociology with her co-hosts and a variety of guest experts in the field of sociology.

Feminist Intersections Podcast

Drs. Erin Baker and Whitney Hunt host a podcast created by Sociologists for Women in Society to highlight the work of feminist scholars and activists.

About Erin

Erin Baker is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Minot State University. Her research concentrates on the areas of mental health, motherhood, education, work, and family. She uses both qualitative and quantitative research to expand our understanding of the motivations of different families’ choices and how different types of families experience stress.